Weekend Back Home

In 1 on October 25, 2007 by David

Orgo and Cell Bio Tests this week! WOOT!
These two courses always have tests back-to-back. I guess there are up-sides and down-sides to these two courses being paired up like this.

So much material, so little time.
10 – x hours between the two tests, x being the number of hours of sleep I get.


Haha, anyways I am done! Now I just have my engineering mechanics test friday and I can continue revising my goldwater/debakey apps.  Good things that happened this week. 1. Finally got my paycheck for working for Demidec this summer. My first paycheck, milestone, no? 2. I’m finally taller than my dad. Everyone is generally taller than their parents (better nutrition, environment, etc) but for me, before a few weeks ago, this wasn’t true. I went back home this weekend, and my mom commented how she thought I grew a little taller at Rice. I leaned against the wall and measured, wala! I’m now taller than my dad. By just a little.


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