I Swear There’s Order to this Madness.

In Rice on November 5, 2007 by David

I saw how super clean Stephen’s desk is – and I have to say, I’m quite jealous. I actually do clean my desk pretty often, but it just gets so cluttered so quickly. So I present to you: “I Swear There’s Order to This Madness: A Before Picture”.

Where is the after picture? Tune in next time! Huzzah. Yea, I have a lot of work tonight and I’ve already wasted half the night away. Tommorow is the in-house deadline for Goldwaters – so I’m seriously considering pulling an all-nighter. BUT THEY HURT!

Yea, and this weekend was super busy. There was an MD/PhD presentation on friday, followed by like 3 hours of basketball (I got poked in the eye. Ugh.), and then CCF. Saturday was Mech HW, Diffeq HW, trying to start on Orgo, and Esperanza. Esperanza was really fun and I actually danced for a while. This year, it was a Minute Maid Park. (A Minute Maid in Heaven. Lol. I love cheesy puns.) Today was Church, Orgo, Biolab (still not done with either o.O) and now Goldwaters fun!

On Friday, a Rice alumni ( an MD/PhD at UChicago) came to talk about MD/PhD programs, research, and med school in general. It was really interesting to talk to him – and it kinda made me rethink my decision. I’m really not sure whether I want to pursue academic medicine now. I really enjoy research – I get to do thought-provoking things, talk to cool people, and fall deep in thought. I really like the portions of textbooks where they describe how they describe how they reached some great conclusion and fundamental process. But research also means more time away from people. I find I really enjoy volunteering at Ben Taub because when the EC isn’t busy, I can talk to people and listen to them talk. This might seem really trivial, but I really respect the people working there, and I think the conversations are actually the highlight of my volunteering experience.

Freddy, the alumni, also talked how the vast majority of MD/PhDs say they would be more willing to give up the PhD than the MD. I find that extremely unsettling when comparing the expected balance of physician scientists. When I attended the Southwestern MSTP dean’s talk two years ago, he said the typical balance was 80% research/20% clinic. Do I want that? Maybe I want to be physician first and scientist second.

I want to advance knowledge for future generations, but I also want to directly help people in pain. Which is more important to me? This is a really important line of thought, especially when I’m considering applying for Goldwaters. I need to talk with the coordinator tomorrow.  I think this post will be interesting to look back at in the future. I wonder where life leads me. Only God knows.


2 Responses to “I Swear There’s Order to this Madness.”

  1. Interesting dilemma. =o My brother began working on his doctorate because he wants to be a professor and teach people, but now he also enjoys research a lot. I guess you’ll just have to see where things go?

    On another note, hurray for desk commentary!

  2. Yeah, you better clean up that messy desk of yours…… why two mice??

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