Woot! I got into Honors Orgo!

In Rice on November 15, 2007 by David

I’m so excited. I applied to be in the Honors Organic class, and I got in. I know virtually nothing about the teacher, but after looking at the tests from past years, I am totally excited to be in the class. The tests are not easy – far from it, but they are so interesting! The questions really make me think beyond a basic level of understanding.

This class really reminds me of Dr. Braterman’s Honors Chemistry class at UNT. He had the most interesting questions – questions that made me stop and think. The questions all focused on the same concepts, but in a perspective I’ve never had. I remember on the test for thermodynamics, one question was “A waterfall flows at x liters of water per second down a 50m drop. Assuming all the energy is converted to heat, how many degrees does the fall raise a y liter lake at the bottom?” For a chemistry test! This was my favorite class junior year.

I’m really going to enjoy my classes next semester. Other interesting classes: Chinese 312, Poli Sci 372: American Foreign Policy :), Stats 310, CAAM 210, Bios 391.


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