Bios 213: Ecology Lab

In Rice on November 30, 2007 by David

Definately one of the coolest classes, I have taken at Rice up to now. Really hands on, the course is a weekly lecture on Monday and a weekly trip/research assignment for an entire afternoon. We’ve done a plant species diversity study at Memorial Park, bee behavior study at some local wildflowers, and even went to the Houston Zoo to study flamingo aggression/social interactions! I really enjoy the class because it’s so different from the average normal lecture course.

Yesterday, We spent from noon to 7:00PM at Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge, identifying plants and animals as well as explaining their ecological/evolutional roots. It was really cool, I got to hold a yellow speckled coral snake and a baby alligator! It was so cool to hold a snake, its so strange to feel something move and explore in my hands. It really makes me want to get a pet snake. I’ve never really had a pet since past elementary school, but I really like random animals. I just worry they might be too much of a hassle when I’m busy.


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