The Final Stretch

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The past two weeks have been quite hectic, and this is just the eye of the storm – finals are coming up. Updating the Rice Habitat website, RSVP website, finishing the Bios 213 Bee Project, finishing the Differential Equations Project, Cell Biology Test last Thursday, Bios 213 Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge Lab, Mechanics test this Wednesday, Bios 213 Natural History Exam this Thursday, HCC EMT-B presentation, Group Meeting Research Presentation, and Nutrition test.  Whew.

With these projects and tasks done, I can start studying for finals with full concentration. Even as these two past weeks have been hectic, I’m actually really happy. It’s a good feeling, knowing that I’m not wasting too much time doing random tasks or just playing around. I really liked planning out my day, making sure I pencil in all the big projects as well as small details. One of my biggest fears is going through life without accomplishing anything or finding my true purpose – and having stuff on hand gives me a sense of fulfillment/accomplishment and keeps me from having these useless/slightly pessimistic thoughts.

Looking back at Bios 213. I have to say this has been a very well-taught, educational, and useful class. The trifecta of a good class! Dr. Sullender, is a very good teacher- obviously knowledgeable, very friendly, and slightly eccentric! He goes on our nature walks barefooted! And he just jumped into waist-deep water to grab some plants in the Brazoria Wildlife Refuge lab. Haha, I have to say, looking back, I think I like my most eccentric professors the most. They seem most human – unbound by rigorous social norms brave enough to do the things without worrying about what other people think.

This class was also very educational. From the literature review required for the Bee Paper to nature walks to identify trees and birds, this class has really opened my eyes to the natural life surrounding us. I’ve never looked at a butterfly with such intensity before, nor really paused to hear the birdsongs before. I’m really glad I took this class. The knowledge is also very practical too. Our final is a natural history exam. Walking around Hermann Park, we were supposed to identify 23 unique trees and 23 birds/bees. I feel really proud now that I can look around and identify some of the birds and trees around Rice. At the beginning, I was completely impressed by how Dr. Sullender could classify the trees 50 feet away or the birds through sound alone.

It’s almost Christmas soon!
For holiday spirit, here is an awesome tree:


See anything special?


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