Spring 2008

In Rice on February 23, 2008 by David

Wow, this year and semester has been passing by really quickly. I’m really grateful for all the friends I’ve made and the activities I’m involved in. It’s really hard to imagine, that in 2 more years, I’ll be graduating. It’s still novel to me, to comprehend that I’m in college. It seems as just last week, I started high school, and everyone was so much older,taller, and bigger than me. It seems like just yesterday, I was worrying over college applications. I’m constantly reminded how precious and short life is – we need to embrace and enjoy every moment. I think I’m really happy here at Rice, except I feel like I was closer to people at TAMS.

To end on a more cheerful and cool note, look at what I made for Computational and Applied Math 210! This is the Mandelbrot fractal. Using Matlab to make images and some other software to animate all the images together, I’ve made a movie zooming into the fractal!Haha, I really like CAAM210. I really enjoyed Computer Science and programming competitions in high school precisely because they introduced the most interesting problems and though-provoking questions. I loved optimizing algorithms and thinking of strategies to frame problems into questions that can be answered by computation. I can’t imagine myself doing this as a career. I think there are too many monotonous tasks and commenting/boundary testing code is such a chore compared to the actual rush of programming. But I enjoy the sense of accomplishment coming from finishing a project or tackling a particularly challenging problem.


I want to do that in the physical world. As a doctor, to troubleshoot humans and solve their problems and discomforts. Using synthetic biology, to create the novel and amazing.


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  1. oh david you’re so cool yet nerdy 🙂 haha having fun at rice?

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