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Gates: In the early days, we worked unbelievably hard. In fact, it was kind of a fun thing that I knew everyone’s car in the parking lot and there was always a thing that you would try to take the first parking place, because that meant you were the first to come in. If, when you left, there was a still a car to the left of you, that meant someone had done something called ‘lapped you.’ That is they had come in before you and they left after you. That was a humiliation that someone was lapping you. In fact, we told a guy at IBM, Mel Hallerman, who was part of the original PC project and we told him about this. He was a hard-working guy so he started doing it at IBM and doing it very well. He was in early and left late.

Ballmer: No life. The guy had no life.

Gates: About nine months later, we’re down at IBM. Steve and I go out to dinner with Mel and Mel’s saying ‘there is some guy who’s been working harder than I am. I come in really early, I leave really late. The guy is here before me and leaving after me every day. I’m going to find out who this guy is.’ So after we have dinner, we go back to this IBM parking lot and Mel points out the car of this guy. Steve looks at it and says “Wait a minute, that’s the rental car that a few months ago I took and forgot to take back.”


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