This article really made me laugh.

In Jokes, Misc., Rice on October 18, 2008 by David

Rice Students Create Cancer-Fighting Beer,
Become National Heroes

Rice Students Create Cancer-Fighting Beer, Become National Heroes

There’s beer with lime, blueberry flavored beer and even vitamin-packed beer. It was only a matter of time before there was cancer-fighting beer. And of course, college students are responsible for this amazing creation.

A group of Rice University students are genetically engineering a beer that contains resveratrol, a chemical in wine that’s been shown to reduce cancer and heart disease in lab animals. The team of students will enter the “BioBeer” in the upcoming International Genetically Engineered Machine competition. Unfortunately, the actual product is still a ways off, seeing as the students are still working on creating the strain of yeast. But, with the contest less than a month away, they better get going on that super-powered brewski.

For anyone who might hear of the project and wonder why?, I say why not. But there’s more to it than that:

So why would someone want to make beer with resveratrol in the first place? It’s a naturally occurring compound that some studies have found to have anti-inflammatory, anticancer and cardiovascular benefits for mice and other animals. While it’s still unclear if humans enjoy the same benefits, resveratrol is already sold as a health supplement, and some believe it could play a role in the “French paradox,” the seemingly contradictory observation that the French suffer from relatively low rates of heart disease despite having a diet that’s rich in saturated fats.

A healthy beer? Think of the possibilities… forced beer pong matches, doctor recommended beer bongs and even a daily reminder from your parents about whether you did you keg stand for the day.

After all that, cancer will have no choice but to run the other way. Your liver will be shot to hell, but still, you’ll be cancer-free.



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