Synthetic Biology: Engineering Biological Systems

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by: David Ouyang and Dr. Jonathan Silberg

from: Snapshots in Research, Volume 2 (Spring 2009) —

Recent advancements in molecular biology and biochemistry allow for a new field of bioengineering known as synthetic biology. Using biological parts discovered in the last thirty years and mathematical models grounded in physical principles, synthetic biology seeks to create biological systems with user-defined behaviors. The major focus of research in this emerging field is the characterization of genetic regulation and the abstraction of biological systems to clearly defined logic circuits. With the abstraction of individual DNA sequences to known biological functions, synthetic biologists seek to create a standard list of interchangeable biological parts as the foundation of this emerging field. Through genetic manipulation, these parts are expected to be useful for programming biological machines that process information, synthesize chemicals, and fabricate complex biomaterials that improve our quality of life.


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  2. More about systems biology and related web resources can be found at Biointelligence. Here is the link:

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