Give us clean hands

In Uncategorized on September 24, 2010 by David

Today is the last day of an era. The last day of personal innocence. As I sit here, reflecting on my life and my world, I anxiously wait for my first anatomy lab. An hour from now, two hours from now, I can no longer say that I am a child. I will be a one who has cut into the flesh and bone of man. I will be one who has touched the flesh of the dead. How will that change my perspective? With a dawning realization of what life is, and how heavy death is, I am faced with a great responsibility. I want to take the opportunity to reassess my goals, opportunities, and desires. When it finally hits home how real death is, will I be ready?

It is truly a privilege. To be a physician, to be able to study the lives of those who came before us, and to have others share with me the most intimate parts of themselves. Their own bodies. With privilege comes great potential, and with great potential comes great responsibility. As I sit here, thinking and unable to understand what I am supposed to expect, I can only think of one song. “Give us clean hands”. God, please give me the maturity, respect, and love to treat those before me with dignity. Please give me the wisdom, compassion, and knowledge to heal those that come afterwards. And let me be a good witness to those that walk with me, my peers in medicine and life.

I seek to be humble and to be humbled. For I recognize, that given enough time, I will share the same fate. Our time and energy here on Earth is precious, valuable, and immeasurable in its scarcity. I seek to be grateful to the ones before us, to teach the ones after us, and to love the ones that are with us. There is nothing more worthy, nothing more urgent, than these three callings.


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