Reflection on Neurology: Rotation 4A

In Uncategorized on November 17, 2012 by David

Neurology. Axons. Neurons. Cyclotron. Photons? Wontons.

Haha. OK. Neurology was fun. I really enjoy inpatient services, and this rotation was very similar to medicine – except instead of ABGs, I got to do LPs. 3! Haha. I like doing small procedures – my last one, I did the entire thing, start to finish, without any help. I really enjoy being the primary team – the hospitalist experience. It was more focused than the medicine rotation, so by the end of the rotation, I felt much more comfortable with the field. Our service was awesome – I got to see everything from West Nile disease to Creutzfeldt-Jacob (so rare!). The team was awesome – everyone was very passionate about teaching and I really felt included in taking care of the patients.

This year has been about growth, and while everything hasn’t gone exactly as I had planned and hoped, I am happy with the direction of my progress.  Compared to my first rotation, I was more comfortable formulating plans for my patients and trying to anticipate problems with prophylaxis and diet. It’s hard to believe it was only 6 months ago. Not much to say here today. I will relax before starting Psych on Monday. 


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