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Spend an hour writing each day.


My goal in March was to spend an hour writing each day.

Looking back, I rarely spent more than an hour writing each day – that goal was unattainable and overly ambitious. Like all goals, sometimes life would get in the way. I revised the goal to be to write everyday. It’s often the initial activation energy of starting to write, or being intentional about finding something to work on, that took the most effort. When I felt like I was in the mood to write, it became easier to keep going. Occasionally, when I had an interesting idea or a thought to complete, an hour or two would just fly by.

My writing was rather sloppy, in part because I felt like I was working towards a goal. I didn’t edit very much, even when I wasn’t satisfied with my writings. When I felt tired, I would just end the day with some train-of-thought, unstructured musing just so I can say that I fulfilled my obligation for the day. I answered questions on Quora to practice expositional writing, and also put in time to work on a manuscript. I need to be more disciplined next month.

March Writing Goal


19/31 = 61.2%

I will need to make up 12 days during next month. It’s a good thing I have some vacation next month – I wouldn’t be able to make up this goal and start on my next goal.

My goal next month is to read non-academic material continuously for 45 minutes each day.



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